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You Scream, I Scream, Ice-cream

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July 24th, 2009

The Cloud Project You Scream, I Scream, Ice cream

What’s that I hear?  Soft chimes lulling along to an infectiously upbeat melody?  The Ice-cream man! Oh, wait… this is not your run of the mill ice-cream truck that dishes out novelty treats shaped like Tweety-bird or patriotic rocket pops.

The Cloud Project was created by Zoe Papadopoulou and Cathrine Kramer for the 2009 Design Interactions Show at the Royal College of Art.  It’s quite an interesting notion and here’s how it works.  There is a spray mounted on the top of the truck.  A nitrogen and flavored condensation mixture spurts from the spray and into clouds, idealistically initiating a response that will create ice-cream flavored clouds.  These clouds would in turn produce ice-cream flavored snow.  Gee-golly, now I have only dreamed of being able to eat clouds.  They do look awfully light and delectable.  I can’t deny already having eaten snow, however.

The idea of the Cloud Project is to shift us toward the idea that we can adjust the environment to suit our needs.  Although the Cloud Project is only a conceptual theory at the moment, there is still hope if you so happen to see this truck in front of your local institution.  The pseudo ice-cream men hidden inside the truck do hand out ice-cream made with liquid nitrogen.  All in all a sweet treat.

via LikeCool