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Yngwie Malmsteen at Blender Theater, NYC

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October 27th, 2008

yngwie malmsteen 5 400x300 Yngwie Malmsteen at Blender Theater, NYC

It’s not often, but there comes a time when a musician comes to New York that is surely one of a kind.  Yngwie Malmsteen, a guitar virtuoso who is known around the world for blending heavy metal music with classical influences such as Mozart and Niccolo Paganini, has teamed up with Ripper Owens ( former Judas Priest singer ) to deliver a brand new album called Perpetual Flame.  In support of the album, he has been touring for some time now, and yesterday I have finally got a chance to see his show.



The opening act was a russian band ANJ, who have apparently been recruited straight from Moscow for the whole Perpetual Flame tour.  Since I got to the show a bit late, I did not get a chance to see their full set, but from what I saw, the impression I got was good. 

After ANJ were done with their set, 45 minutes later lights went dim and the crowd started to roar.  I took a look around and the place was packed anxiously waiting for the show to begin.  In a flash a hairy leathery figure runs out on the stage and people go crazy.  The show begins like a race car roaring off on a green light.  The energy was amazing, everyone was going crazy as the first song Death Dealer pierced everyone’s ears.  

The show was filled with Malmsteen signature moves, licks, riffs and antics.  All and all, the musicianship between the band-mates was very tight and impressive.  I remember the days I would see him come out drunk on stage and do a half ass show, but it seems like those days are in the past, at least for now.  

Next time Yngwie Malmsteen is in town, I strongly recommend to go see his show, even if you are not familiar with his music, his animated persona and incredible musicianship is well worth the ticket!