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Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Zero

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March 13th, 2009

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs have debuted their new album It’s Blitz! with a new single Zero. Here is the video accompanying the song, directed by Barney Clay.

0 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Zero

Karen O the front woman, spoke to about the video “It made sense that the visuals would take you on a journey and keep you on the move — no sitting still for too long in the city landscape of bright lights, dark alleys and glittering streets. ‘Zero”s sentiment is to revel in being you — you’re a zero so screw it! It’s the underdogs, the rebels, the outsiders that have always captivated me growing up so I decided why not flaunt that side of myself in the video.”

If you’ve never seen them live, I suggest you do, because the experience will be like no other concert. She has an incredible stage presence.

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