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Wood Tables, Candle Chandeliers, Top Hats and Smoke

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June 22nd, 2011

home pic01 Wood Tables, Candle Chandeliers, Top Hats and Smoke

Music: eclectic, and mood amplifying. I don’t doubt that people have taken a long time to consider what would consist in the soundtrack of their lives. Lyrics aside, sometimes you just hear that perfect rhythm, I mean that perfect composition of everything you can’t describe but-Jesus Christ-can you feel and just…get it. Painting scenes and making your heart jump or sink; music is that little extra touch that just makes everything so inchoately sound.Leon Russell is a music-man of the back-in-the-day genre. Listening to this clip I’m sure you can pinpoint the decade of it’s magic. You can read on if you’d like but that’s not important. Just click on the jump and listen to the song. It’ll hit you somewhere. And guys! Don’t be afraid to express your imagination about it! It’s called Tightrope by-the-way.

0 Wood Tables, Candle Chandeliers, Top Hats and Smoke

I listen to this song at that perfect stage of a good drunk, where I’m laughing inside and smiling outside with my eyes closed. And, believe it or not, once danced on a bicycle path beneath dozens of trees in the middle of the night with a cigarette in my mouth and a bottle of wine in my hand, just spinning and spinning until there was green and black and orange and simple alrightness.

I played this song at my buddy’s apartment party. Old wood, whiskey and beer in an air blue of cigarette smoke. There were laughs, drunk stumbles and rants, clumsy dancing and a scene that should have been splashed graffiti.

I imagine a thick bearded man, sitting in the corner with red leather shoes that have the engravings of a gun and cherry, a disheveled bow-tie and a stone glare, just drinking and drinking, only taking a drag from his cigarette whenever he looks at the two cards in his hand. There’s nothing to him except what faces up on the table and he never leaves with any profit.