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Wonsik Chae’s Cup of Tea….

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March 19th, 2009

lighting bag by wonsik chae 4 Wonsik Chaes Cup of Tea....

is really a cup of light. The Lighting Bag, created by the South Korean industrial designer,  is a tea bag made of flourescent molecules that will “fill your room with light just as a tea bag draws a flavor in a cup.” The bag is immersed in a cup filled with a chemical intermediate. The combination produces light. What chic chemistry!Check out the hot and flashy concoction in this video:

The designs in Wonsik Chae’s porftolio are dualy decorative and functional. My favorites are a silicone organizer, called Ice which allows you to see exactly where all your junk is, the leaf, a bookmark that adds style to your bookcase and the  puffy bookmark which you can squeeze to flap your books open.  Both the Lighting Bag and the puffy bookmark are currently being developed for sale. See the pictures below.

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    this is trippy. looks toxic