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With 9 months to wait I feel totally… Lost

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May 15th, 2009

800px 5x16 inverted lost 585x365 With 9 months to wait I feel totally... Lost

So now we know that Jacob does in fact exist, and until now, Ben had never met him.

We know how Dr. Chang lost his arm.

We know that dead really is dead. I’m gonna miss Locke, though I think he may be back. He deserves a better ending than being strangled to death off the island by a shmuck like Ben.

And most importantly, you now know how much of a total dork I am.

Many people say that TV isn’t art, a criticism that goes back all the way to it’s explosion in popularity post-World War 2. When it comes to credit, TV gets the short end of the straw relative to it’s cousin that plays out on big screens. Budgets are smaller, and so is the amount of respect. I think shows like Lost are challenging this conception. A comparison might be the best way to show you what I mean.

The Godfather trilogy followed the trajectory of two families (one criminal, one geneological) over the course of 3 generations. We find out how the immigrant experience in America shaped the destiny of not just those who came there on boats, but their children and children’s children. This whole story, in all it’s legendary detail and subtlety was told in no more than 10 hours of screen time.

Lost has at last count had a bit over 100 episodes, each one hour long. The saga at this point is 10 times longer than the Godfather movies in running time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that length equals quality. If that were the case, a strong case would have to be made for The Young and the Restless being something other than total crap (crap that is fun to watch when you call in sick to work. Not as fun as The Price is Right, but same ballpark). I am suggesting that a writing team as talented as the one behind the new Star Trek movie will come up with some cool stuff when they have a huge canvass on which to tell their stories. Like the Godfather, Lost deals with issues of family, cause and effect, life and death, and the conundrum of never being entirely sure if your choices are the right ones for those closest to you. Like the Godfather, those themes are couched in a slick, occasionally violent story line which keeps us thrilled and interested. But it’s those themes that keep us coming back, not the fight scenes, shoot outs, or even the convoluted and intricate plots. In short, it’s the character, stupid.

So let’s take back the moral high ground from those who claim (always with a weird tone of superiority) that they don’t watch TV. They’re the ones missing out, from Lost to The Wire, from The Sopranos to The Office, Flight of the Conchords to the Hills… I mean Entourage. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  • elissa

    AdamK, you have a unique way of expressing yourself that I am totally hooked on. And you are well-versed, it seems, on many topics. You keep writing & I’ll keep reading.

  • jeremyk

    this elissa fellow sounds oftly familiar, and it appears we have the same last name Mr. K