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Will the real Jonas Eriksson please stand up?

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September 19th, 2009

798121240411038 550x297 Will the real Jonas Eriksson please stand up?

Jonas Eriksson has adequately represented my feelings, and surely those of many others with this collection of photographs. Still looking for a full-time job, I feel as though I should walk around with a huge sign on my forehead that reads, “JUST HIRE ME, ALREADY!” Is it the recession? Am I just not the ideal candidate? Who knows…

I’m a complete dolt when it comes to technology, so I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to save the photos from his site (<– click me!), but you MUST see them, they’re gorgeous and worth a look. They range from shots of lonely streets, a sleepy St. Petersburg, but most importantly, the lovely Ms. Dita von Teese *wiggles eyebrows*. Read more about the Danish native here. The photographs below were taken from the article on Fubiz (merci!) and are cool, but I have no idea where they come from or why they all say “hire me.”

Ok, so we’re going to scrap that entire previous paragraph because I just realized that I was talking about another photographer named Jonas Eriksson :/ but I didn’t want to delete what I wrote because I think the other Jonas deserves praise, too! So check out both Jonas Erikssons. Jesus, who would’ve thought. I’m such a bad googler.

So back to the “hire me” business. The correct Eriksson, the one I had been aiming to write about from the start, is featured on various sites. Still more confusing is this site, because I have no idea who this Eriksson is. There is no contact info, no ‘about me,’ and only features a few photos that don’t seem to fit the styles of either of the two Erikssons of whom I previously spoke. I suggest that if there is any other Jonas Eriksson out there seeking fame, do not take up photography. There’s at least two other men by the same name who’ve done it, and frankly its beginning to feel unoriginal. I swear if I find out that there’s only one Eriksson with all of these sites, I’ll lose my shit. I refuse to erase anything I’ve written. So this post has now become about any and every photographer named Jonas Eriksson.

Assuming that he is one of many by the same name, THIS site features Jonas Eriksson #2′s work. He specializes in digital art and I must say, he’s quite good (though I still prefer Jonas #1‘s stuff, even though this post wasn’t supposed to be about him). The “Hire Me” collection is all about self-promotion, and I think that’s cool. It’s straightforward and doesn’t waste anyone’s time. The man wants to be hired, so hire him, goddammit. While you’re at it, hire me, too. As you can see, googling and finding out who people really are aren’t my strong points, but I have many other assets and consider myself to be quite awesome at applying makeup, answering most of the questions right on Jeopardy! (Alex is so sexy), babbling, knowing most history questions as long as they are mostly about pre-WW1 events that took place in what is now called Europe or the US, being a literature buff, and being tall, for a girl. If any or all of this sounds appealing to you and fits any job requirements, then I’m your woman.

I realize this is a rather long post that doesn’t focus on the correct Jonas Eriksson nearly enough, but that’s life. And in any case, there is no real right answer. The “correct” Eriksson is merely a fabrication intended to refer to one of the photographers listed in this post, but I’m sure that fans of the first Eriksson that I spoke about would argue that he is in fact the correct one. In any case, you just got 2 (or 3) Jonas Erikssons for the price of 1, so you decide which you like best.

via Fubiz

  • sirrah

    This is a great post. Thanks for the laughs. And whoever hires you can hire me, too.

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