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Why Hello Fred Lebain

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November 17th, 2009

fred04 301x400 Why Hello Fred Lebain

These. photographs. will. boggle. your. mind.Well, not overly boggle.  They may just tilt your mind with their slight surrealism.  Fred Lebain superimposes various images to create a not so normal view of New York city.   To be perfectly frank with you, when I first saw these photos I thought Lebain was just some creative genius with Adobe Photoshop.  Far from the case.  Lebain visited the sites of New York and took pictures that were later blown up to poster size.  He then returned to the same sites, aligned the poster sized image and took a larger framed shot.  Pretty neat-o and simple idea all pegged together into one.

via Designbloom

  • Pimothy

    I must say that while I appreciate the effort, I am finding the concept very reminiscent of René Magritte’s 2 versions of ‘La Condition Humaine’. I find it a shame that, as far as I can tell, Fred Lebian has not really taken the concept to a new level; the message seems identical to Magritte’s.

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