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Who Now?

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August 20th, 2010

 Who Now?So who is this ‘ck’ character?! (Someone [apparently] who believes a couple initials are enough to fill in this name business…) Just another art junkie who meanders in the worlds of writing in third person and addictions to colors that flow and lines that soothe. Anything to create symbolism! Anything whose initial introduction sends your logical mind on a irrational trip through the subconscious!

‘ck’ is just some chick who lives in Toronto who thinks she knows a thing or two about art and all of its complexities (or…non-complexities?). By university standards, this could very well be accurate, considering she’s majoring in Studio Art (and English- could you tell?), the excuse for the scientifically challenged… (“I COULD become a doctor… but really… Studio Art is just… so much more… intellectually demanding!” She tells her immigrant grandparents who are paying for her education…).

She also has a blog. Or something. She thinks you should check it out. For kicks.

Peace, my chickens (she says).

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