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Where’s the Nearest Truck Stop?

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October 1st, 2009

Kevin Cyr 4 501x400 Wheres the Nearest Truck Stop?

Most New Yorkers can appreciate a portrait of something they encounter everyday. Particularly when the portrait presents the subject in a much more vibrant and appealing way than they normally perceive it. Hmm…that was more confusing than I intended it to be…

Now, when I say “portraits” I obviously mean illustrations done by Kevin Cyr. And when I say “subjects” I mean various vendor trucks that are commonly seen around New York City. Kevin Cyr manages to transform these ordinary vehicles into characters. The potato chip conveyor above is suddenly less an old, dull truck and more a squat little guy who putters around the city. His ice cream trucks almost seem like ice cream men themselves, their refrigeration units perched on top like like jaunty white hats.

If you don’t find trucks appealing, you might also take a look at his brief series of RV drawings. They’re similarly realistic, but less lifelike because they’re pencil sketches.

Not surprisingly, Cyr’s work has been featured in blogs such as Yardwear, Booooooom, and KickStarter. According to the last of these, Cyr was born in Canada and currently resides in Brooklyn. Kudos to you, sir!