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Wedding Dresses

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August 26th, 2008

Weddings are important to most women, having a wedding costs tons of money. Having a gorgeous dress that you love can also cost you tons of money, but what do you do with that $2,000 and up dress AFTER that magical day that is the question. Well here comes, it is a new and creative way of taking your wedding dress to another level. Because once the day is over what do you do with it? Well one unique way is explained in below video:

0 Wedding Dresses
  • Lalis

    Didn’t any of them think to DONATE the dress? There are plenty of women out there that can’t afford a $2K dress.

  • Lalis

    But it is an interesting idea, nonetheless. I think the images are beautiful. Although might make more sense to trash your wedding dress after you get divorced.