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The “Wear It With Pride” Project

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December 9th, 2009

4085164017 9f35e9ca52 o 533x400 The Wear It With Pride ProjectWIWP is an ongoing creative collaborative project, working with some of the most talented and internationally renowned Illustrators, Designersand Photographers . The project was set up in September 2003 by Darren Firth and Tim McKnight and after a year of running had over 130,000 unique hits and a solid user base of around 5000. What started off as a humble badge design site has now evolved into a global platform, promoting artist collaboration through various online activities, publications and exhibitions, becoming a great source for inspiration and limited edition products.

4085297385 1f4c9a4c95 o 533x400 The Wear It With Pride ProjectIt’s collaborators range from Photographers many of which have been featured here on (Rankin, Thymann, Morten Laursen, Mi-Zo etc) to Artists (Mr Ian Wright, Anthony Burrill, David Foldvari, Insect etc), right through to accomplished Designers and Motion experts (Build, Trevor Jackson, Hillman Curtis, Rinzen etc). As individuals the group has worked with a wealth of prestigious clients including BBC, Adidas, Orange, Motorola, Nike, MTV, Cartoon Network, Puma, the list goes on.

2541885241 c56d1a2887 o 533x400 The Wear It With Pride ProjectWIWP actively supports numerous charities from around the world including Cancer Research and Unicef and have donated several sums of money from selected promotions and products in the past. Check out their site for more info and purchases!

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