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WATT a bike!

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August 18th, 2009

Watt Electric Bike WATT a bike!

Jerome Blanchard has a pretty impressive collection of product designs. Encompassing watches, furniture, and even Japanese-styled knives, it comes as no surprise that this young French designer has recently developed a new and improved bicycle that not only looks trendy, but also incorporates technology to make it efficient and eco-friendly.

Who says you can’t exercise and look cool at the same time? Actually it’s quite possible that no one has tried to make that claim, but for the sake of argument and to give some direction to this post, let’s pretend. Watt (see “watt” I did there?) you’re looking at here is the WATT bike. It was designed by Jerome Blanchard as a fun, environmentally conscious, and high-tech mode of transportation for navigating city streets.

This puppy is loaded with all manner of cool and useful technology. Not least of which is a mechanism for harvesting energy from pedaling. “Energy? For what?” you might ask. As it happens, the WATT is able to charge devices like GPS receivers and MP3 players via a USB cable and mount on its handlebars. Not only does it charge, it can also interface with them, providing ride statistics and route info.  Pretty nifty, huh?

I won’t bore you too much with the technical specs, but if you’re legitimately interested in purchasing a WATT it’s worth a little research as some of the features seem to be too weird to be real. Call me ignorant, but an electromagnetic shock absorber sounds like futuristic voo doo.

via TheDesignBlog

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