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Viva La Vida-Coldplay

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August 7th, 2008

The band made two videos for what is my favorite song right now- Viva La Vida. One of them is an ode to Depeche Mode ” Enjoy the Silence”, both of which were directed by Anton Corbijin a great photographer and videographer.

0 Viva La Vida Coldplay

and the second video directed by Hype Williams

0 Viva La Vida Coldplay

which one do YOU like the most?

  • MiMo

    I think the depeche mode one fits the song so much better, the other one just reminds me of a studid iTunes commercial

  • susanna

    Supposedly the second video is them inside a painting, which for me is really hard to tell, but that’s what i read. and yes i as well like the first one better

  • back pain

    Agreed, very well written and can’t wait for the second half.