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Victory Day Revisited

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May 22nd, 2009

v13 18943275 585x382 Victory Day Revisited

May 9, 2009 has marked the 64th anniversary of the end of World War II. It is not surprising that this day is a huge holiday to our fellow Russians comrades ( me being one of them ), considering they have lost twenty seven million lives in the war alone. To memo-rate these veterans, dead or alive, an annual military parade is usually in service. The parade is always interpreted by the West as an intimidation tactic, this is true to a certain degree, but there is so much more to it that every one always fails to see.

v22 18941863 585x379 Victory Day Revisited

As a kid growing up we were always reminded in school of how Germans attacked in 1941 and pillaged through the country burning, killing and raping people with no remorse. Therefore ,when Victory Day comes around, it is not about sending a symbolic “F**ck You!!!” to the West, it is more about Russian people fighting for their freedom and remembering their lost loved ones.

v12 18942611 585x387 Victory Day Revisited

So you are probably wondering… How the hell does show of force pay a tribute to the lost loved ones? It doesnt. It simply gives Russian people a piece of mind, knowing that mistakes of 1941 will not be repeated. When German troops first invaded Russia, they were met with pockets of resistance consisting of calvary and soldiers carrying equipment from the previous World War. In my opinion the show of military force is simply a reminder that no Russian man with a sword will go against a tank ever again. It is really a very happy holiday, a very patriotic one as well. There are no burning American flags or hate speech of any kind, just a lot of people showing their appreciation to the veterans and remembering the lost ones. Here are some intriguing pictures from the event, enjoy…


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