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Vadim Nardin

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September 22nd, 2011

foto137 400x400 Vadim NardinVadim Nardin is a photographer from Belarus who specializes in nude photography. I know what you are thinking, he’s just another pervert trying to get girls to take off their clothes…

Maybe, I don’t know, but one thing I do know is that these photographs are not your ordinary nude photographs. Vadim began his career about five years ago, trying to find him self in the vast world of photography. Eventually he realized that taking pictures of animals and plants was not something he found an interest in. He found him self really enjoying taking pictures of females and yes some times they are naked. He chooses to leave all his work without titles on purpose, to not limit the viewer’s imagination. His unique eye on the female body got him into the finals of World Photography Awards 2010 in Cannes, France. Check out some of his work below and more on his website