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Urban Camouflage-Available Only At Stalkers-R-Us Fine Retailers

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April 17th, 2009

urban camouflage7 322x400 Urban Camouflage Available Only At Stalkers R Us Fine Retailers “Hmmm, that’s strange, I think that wall just winked at me…Oh wait, never mind, that’s just some guy wearing clothes painted to match his surroundings identically so as to fool me into thinking that he is just a wall”.  Yeah, giving me the heebie- jeebies. Let me tell you why…

Lui Bolin is an Urban Camouflage artist, he is responsible for some of the works you see here, not all of them, but a few.  There are others artists who do this type of work as well, he came up as the most searchable.  The urban camouflage artist uses cool and common surroundings to hide or camouflage oneself in order to make people more aware of their environments.  It’s a pretty passive and humorous statement.  However, consider yourself warned.   If you are not familiar, there is a crazy that lurks about the streets San Francisco.  He’s famously known as ‘The Bush Man” and what he does is hilarious, until it happens to you.  He squats along side garbage bins and mailboxes while holding a large shrub in front of him.  Then, as the innocent stroll by, unsuspecting of him, he jumps up and growls and shakes his shrub.  People flip out, screaming and jumping to dodge him.  He laughs and re-positions himself, getting ready for his next victims.  Is he making people more aware of their environment? Hell to the yes he is, some people even become a little too familiar with the environment in their pants, but he is far more aggressive than the people  shown in these images.  Anyway, I was reminded of my own run in with the Bush Man when I first moved here.

A short video of one urban camouflage project at a super market and a passerby’s reactions:

0 Urban Camouflage Available Only At Stalkers R Us Fine Retailers


  • susanna

    love it!!!