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“Under One Sun”- An Aisha Media Film by Amir Jaffer

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April 21st, 2009
0 Under One Sun  An Aisha Media Film by Amir Jaffer

This is a trailer to a very touching, true to life film called Under One Sun.  Produced by Aisha Media, an indie film label, the creative mind behind the project is someone who I admire very much, my very talented friend, Amir Jaffer.  I laughed out loud several times from the witty dialogue and  wonderful timing, and I teared up at some tough moments. This film follows four main stories of people who’s lives are being affected by cultural or religious pressures and oppressions.  Through these people we see struggles of an African American transsexual overcoming prejudice, a Pakistani girl finding opposition from her family for loving a Jewish man,  a Latino boy who is questioning his sexuality when he discovers his girlfriend is pregnant, and woman falling for a younger man and her insecurity around it.

The actors are wonderful and were all very eager to be apart of this project because of its power of relativity.  Just as every viewer is likely to be able to relate to someone or aspect of this movie, every one of these performers drew from their own experiences or stories they had been apart of for inspiration.  The entire cast brought something personal and special and they all deserve special recognition.  I was especially proud of my dear friend Kevin-Lee Junious (aka) BeBe Sweetbriar who plays the African American transsexual.  I was very touched by his performance, and was even more so when he told me that he brought a lot of his mother into the character.  It was true and very real.

Aisha Media is a indie film label and as such relies on the generosity of viewers, investors, producers, even people donating food for shoot days.  Under One Sun is now making its rounds of submissions to film festivals around the globe and that costs a significant amount of money.  If you would like to know more about Aisha Media, it’s producers,  and Under One Sun you can visit their main site  If you are able to donate to the project and help get it submitted to more film festivals you can donate here.  Scan the page and click the “donate” button.  Amir and I have worked on several projects together, including this one, keep watch for future projects soon to be hitting his youtube channel.

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  • admin

    damn i wanna see this

  • SomewhereBlue

    Yeah I wish you could, I think you’d like it. I’ll ask Amir the producer he hopes on screening it in NY, Ill let you know if her does:)

  • Amir Jaffer

    I am submitting Under One Sun to a few film fests in N.Y.C.; let’s see how it goes.

  • admin

    Great to hear, hope it goes well!

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