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Twain abides Finnish artist Sami Havia

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May 20th, 2009

cassette 2 unlimited 428x400 Twain abides Finnish artist Sami Havia

Sami Havia’s album covers - painted on cassette tapes – are pretty cool: another fine example of material reuse (the first “R”, don’t forget) and rejuvenation of cultural artefacts like the cassette.  No offense intended to The Dude by that ‘casettes being cultural artefacts’ remark; that’s just, like, my opinion, man.

On his website, the Finnish painter and printmaker expresses both pleasure and surprise that the 2006 project is now garnering so much attention online.  Indicating to this Dude with a laptop and blogging gig that he’d also welcome interest in his more current work.

Well, this Dude abides.  Check out the gallery to see what else Mr. Havia has been upto.

via IllusionScene360

  • juniper

    yo To-wain its good to read your words and see Montreal stuff

  • bankruptcy discharge

    Kill one to warn a hundred.