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Love is overated, here is how to f*ck it up.

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April 6th, 2009

traces bite 20 04 a 533x400 Love is overated, here is how to f*ck it up.

Normal relationships are boring! Sometimes you just need to throw a wrench in the wheel, otherwise you get taken for granted. Don’t get me wrong, most women I have encountered in my past relationships have their own little tools for fucking everything up, but just in case you need some assistance, do consider this: Traces of an Imaginary Affair Tool Set.

What you see in front of you is a 9 tool set specifically made to create an imaginary affair. Masterminded by Bjorn Franke, this project is pure genius. I can see this being used as a prank or a real tool to get your lover to appreciate you. “These tools leave marks on the body, such as bite marks, carpet burns, bondage marks, love bites, scratches and bruises. In addition, probes of perfume, lipstick and hair can be applied to either the body or clothes. The project broaches the issue of intentionally instigated jealousy in relationships, which often serves to bolster self-esteem or to test the strength of partnerships. It was inspired by stories of people who used fake evidence of victimisation or illnesses to receive attention from others.”

Please, use this at your own risk! If this was used on me, I would never hit the girl… But I’d shake the shit out of her!

via ILoveBadThings

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