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Tjalf Sparnaay is making me hungry…

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November 16th, 2011

petit four2011 gr 533x400 Tjalf Sparnaay is making me hungry...If you love food, you would probably pay a lot of money to get some of Tjalf Sparnaay’s paintings on your wall. Tjalf is part of the Hyperrealism art movement or what he calls Megarealism. Whatever you want to call it, his paintings capture the detail of a photograph if not better. Painting since 1987, his original works are exhibited and sold by art dealers in three countries: OK Harris Works of Art in New York, PlusOne Gallery in London, and the Collectie Harms Rolde Art Gallery in the Netherlands. These dealers represent him worldwide, generating interest amongst collectors and attracting attention from museums. Check out more of his work on his website, meanwhile I’m going to go get me a burger…

  • Stephen Franco

    Wow! I want one of those sandwiches in my mouth AND on my wall.