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Thom Kerr does it all

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September 11th, 2009

0040 585x388 Thom Kerr does it all

Thom Kerr lives in a world of bee-you-ti-full people (I really felt the need to emphasize beautiful).  His photographs are even that much more scrumptious.

I had a hard time choosing which photos to share with all you happy blog readers.  Kerr’s portfolio is most indefinitely something worth checking out and all it takes is the click of your mouse.

A big hit in the Australian and New Zealand scene, this artist has worked for such clients as Lost Apparel and Oyster.  Kerr is the big man on the photography campus now, however his initial start up point was with his fine arts film degree.  So let’s make a list of everything that Thom Kerr has accomplished: photographer-check, art director and producer- check check, writer-check, and designer- check.  He certainly uses all of his talents.

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