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This Is Why You Are Fat

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June 20th, 2009

bacon wrapped meatloaf with maccheese filling This Is Why You Are Fat I just threw up in my mouth.  Do people actually eat shit like this?  No wonder 70 percent of American is overweight. is a site devoted to photos of the most “deliciously” disgusting food on the web.  If you have, what I call a “Fat-Ass Recipe”, you can submit a photo along with the ingredients list to the website.  Please, for the love of your thighs and arteries, put the bacon, sausage, chicken, fried-egg,  burger patty and pudding sandwich down!

  • admin

    i can look at this shit, it makes me hungry!

  • SomewhereBlue

    Lol, ewww man, ewww

  • Daniel Geske

    Ew, this is sooo gross to look at — but hilarious at the same time. I can’t believe people really eat this!

  • Arlie Middlemiss

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