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This Is My World… Introducing Ingrid

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December 28th, 2009

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ingrid, and I live in Montreal… I just pretty much moved here from sunny Miami Beach, FL, but contrary to what some might think I enjoy the cold a lot better than I do the Heat! I am excited about the idea of exploring Montreal, and everything this city has to offer. I was a Music student in the US, but I have noticed that beyond a passion for Music, I have a passion for the arts. I have been performing since I could walk and talk, and well the rest is just history… talking led to singing, which led to dancing, which led to performing at random places…. and then inspiration hit  me to convert thoughts into words. As I started reading more I felt I had more things to say myself, and so I would write short stories, poems, and a lot of lyrics.

I was raised in Miami Beach, and we all know that it is the party center of the US…. I love the social scene, going out dancing, dealing with good looking people, and having a good time with friends at the beach, but I am also glad I finally got to move to a different city with a whole new culture to be explored. Wherever I go there is never a dull moment, I am bringing the Miami party spirit everywhere I go.

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