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There aren’t six sides to Cubism

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August 7th, 2009

moma 09 312x400 There arent six sides to Cubism

I think we, of the internet generation, forget the artists that made art what it is today.

For example, I was utterly surprised that no blogger on has written about Picasso, who has to be one of the most well-known artists of all time.

Although this post is not about Picasso (don’t worry, there will be one!), it is still surprising that this fairly reknowned artist was nowhere to be found on our site either.

Today, my artist is Marc Chagall: a famous Russian-Jewish artist of the twentieth century, who eventually settled in France.

6a00d8341c82c653ef00e54f4cf11a8834 500wi There arent six sides to Cubism

Chagall was quite the experimenter and tried many different forms of artistic expression, such as stained-glass windows, theatre costumes, tapestries, and even ceramics.

I will focus, however, on Chagall’s paintings, which among themselves stray from a single category, but tend to centralize around Cubism (what Picasso was famous for) and Fauvism (another trend of Chagall’s time).

04044 marc chagall 551x400 There arent six sides to Cubism

Cubism in the hands of Picasso was never really my thing. For one, I felt like Picasso was merely emulating a child by doing whatever he wanted and then somehow he got extremely famous. In the hand’s of Marc Chagall, however, the vibrant colours and not-too-out-of-place discontinuous parts of the image strike a vivid impression on the senses.

When Picasso does Cubism, everything is out of place to the point that it is sometimes hard to tell what the image actually represents. When Chagall does it, there is enough of the image that is out of place so that the mind doesn’t see it as natural, but nothing is so overtly out of place that we can’t definitely tell that the man above is drinking wine and there is some sort of bird on his plate.

Take a look for yourselves of what you think of Chagall’s work. It is really fascinating and it can encompass many of your preferred styles of art.

Until next time,

The Quibbler

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  • Floperk

    I am happy to see your site as it is important for all to know that which came before -
    that which inspired…Can you tell me the title for Chagall’s painting #9, the flying kiss?Much obliged,Flo