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The Tmobile G1 – Android is here!

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September 23rd, 2008

g1 429x350 The Tmobile G1   Android is here!

If you are into mobile devices, today is a big day for you…  The new mobile operating system created by Google called Android is here and its making its premier on the new HTC phone called G1.   

If you take the time to realize, you will notice that Google plays a really big part in your daily internet activities.  Now its time for it to try to take over the mobile internet market.  Today it has released its own operating system called Android.  Android operating system closely ties all the services Google provides such as Gmail, Calendar and Contacts.  The best is that it all syncs wirelessly with your phone.  This is all pretty neat considering you are an avid Google user, otherwise this phone is not for your just yet.  

The beauty of this new mobile operating system is that it is created with open source in mind.  This opens up its capabilities to an unlimited proportions.  It would be very interesting to see what kind of applications will be written for it.  

However if this was meant to be an iPhone killer, it definitely falls short on many features.  Time will tell, October 22nd is the release date.