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The Timeless Classic

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March 3rd, 2010

adidas gazelle2 3 The Timeless ClassicLet’s take some time. Look around the room. Pretend we hear some birds singing. Wondering what might be better. The white sands of tropicana. Or The painting sun somewhere in the Mediterranean. But there’s something more simple and realistically possible in life that gives off almost as much tranquil amazement. Drum roll please….…….Gazelles. Adidas gazelles. Yes the classic swayed pair of shoes born in 1968. You want to know fashion? You want to know style? Well then. Tie on a pair these kicks. Gazelles are not only timeless but so goddamn incredible. Every time you put them on you’ll think you can fly amongst the clouds. Jump over the mountains. Even race the sharks. They’re simple. Which gives them this natural elegance. It’s almost as if they were destined to be made. Yes and in a barrage of colours you can get them in almost any you like. So let’s take a moment and pay homage to these great and wonderful kicks. King of the lace and knot world. A timeless luxury that you should just treat yourself to. The instant classic.

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