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The Only Reason to Go to Taco Bell is Gone

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July 24th, 2009

gidget tvguide taco bell dog dies 50 greatest commercials of all time 270x400 The Only Reason to Go to Taco Bell is Gone

It has been 9 years since Taco Bell aired their famous “Yo Quiero Taco Bell!” ads, so many of us have probably forgotten how much we loved them.

Sad news has befallen the world of canine actors, as Gidget, the Chihuahuan star of the Taco Bell ads has recently passed away at age 15.

Although 15 years seems like a short-lived life to us, Gidget’s lifespan was the equivalent of 105 in human years. I can imagine many people would love to have the opportunity to experience half of what Gidget did.

0 The Only Reason to Go to Taco Bell is Gone

The world is now paying tribute to the most adorable little dog to grace our television screens and convince us to eat fast “food”. Human celebrities have been twittering about Gidget non-stop since the news of her passing.

It will be remarkable to see how this tiny actore will be remembered and praised for a few 30 second television clips.

I wonder if Taco Bell will be airing the commercials again, in tribute?

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