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The Model as Muse

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June 30th, 2009

img 0058 533x400 The Model as Muse

I went to the Model as Muse exhibition at the Met a few weeks ago and spent a good two hours with my jaw on the floor. It’s essentially a series of rooms that utilize video, music, photography, and, obviously, clothes to embody important eras in fashion history and the unforgettable models that defined each period.

The best part is toward the end, when you’re shuffled into a room blasting Nirvana and you find yourself bombarded with pictures of Kate Moss and her fellow heroin-chic junkies. I’m surprised I didn’t have to be carried outta there.

The bad news? No pictures allowed. I managed to sneak a few pathetically blurry ones before getting yelled at, but they aren’t even discernable enough to post. The good news is that I snagged some pretty postcards they were selling, and the latest issue of Vogue features a spread about this year’s Costume Institute Gala which includes shots of the exhibition.

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