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The meanest thing you will laugh at today

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September 4th, 2009

People Of Walmart1 585x365 The meanest thing you will laugh at todayI came across on about a website called, which has caused quite the stir on the ol’ Interwebs. Being a fan of subversive humour, such as, and, I checked it out. I was disgusted, saddened, offended, angered, and somehow, slightly aroused. I was also laughing my freaking ass off (lmfao, for your Wal Mart shoppers out there).The entire site is nothing but pictures people have taken of other shoppers while in a Wal Mart, with a caption or two added. Yes, it’s mean. Yes, it’s in bad taste. And yes, it targets people in the lowest tax brackets. It’s also bloody genius., where good taste goes to die.

P.S., if you thought Larry the Cable Guy was terrible, check out this youtube channel, as advertised on the back of a denim jacket, seen in a Wal Mart.

  • Lauren

    This is your best post to date as it is something we can both enjoy.
    You have just made my day good sir.