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The Man on the Moon… was a Painter

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November 30th, 2009

2004 Taking Us All Along 448x400 The Man on the Moon... was a Painter

Exactly how many times have you heard the expression “walking on the moon” by an artist? Once? Twice? Never? Well, for your information and personal memory catalog, there was that relatively catchy song in 2009 by  recording artist/producer the Dream. And then you have Alan Bean. Never heard of him? That’s not surprising, even though he was one of only a handful of men to actually (supposedly – I’m a skeptic… so sue me) walk on the moon. What’s even more impressive is that this man is an accomplished artist. He paints for a living, and the work he produces is actually worthy of mention, as he is quite reasonably talented. However, it is not the talent that has his painting ranging from $15,000 to $100,000 for originals. It is the that fact that, with each painting, this astronaut artist adds a little “moondust”, collected from his boots on the Apollo mission to our nearest celestial neighbor. Most of his works are acrylic with the dust added in, but as you can see in the images, his stamps his boot down on the canvas, which makes an impression of the sole across the artwork and on those who purchase them. Real moon dust or not, Alan Bean’s creativity and business sense deserve the accolades he receives which a few a his more famous moonwalkers have experienced since their journey many years ago

Just how much dust actually got into those boots?

  • cm photography

    cool, a space shoe foot print on each painting.