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The Hardkiss – Dance With Me

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December 14th, 2011

thehardkiss1 The Hardkiss   Dance With Me

Introducing The Hardkiss, the reason I am introducing them to you is because unfortunately there is high chance you have not heard of them, until now. The Hardkiss are from Kiev, Ukraine and seem to be part of the new “Ukranian music that does not suck” movement. Lead by singer Julia Sanina, their powerful sound and unique appearance is definitely something that will get your and the world’s attention. “Dance With Me” is the band’s second video, this time directed by Valeriy Bebko is a welcomed improvement from their first released video “Babylon” (which was also a great video). There isn’t much information available about these guys, so I’ll let their video and music speak for them selves…

0 The Hardkiss   Dance With Me