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The Complicated Cartoonist

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September 7th, 2009

em1 315x400 The Complicated Cartoonist

My first glance at these Evan Meister illustrations, I was initially struck with a cartoony, Saturday morning Smurfs and Snorkels kind of feeling.  Upon further speculation, I realized the lightness of color had fooled me and it was intestines, blood, and guts I was witnessing. However, I was even more drawn to looking at each detail and tried to understand the relationship between the “characters”  and find meanings in his work. Despite the gloomy theme to his work, there is a humorous side to Meister’s art that makes it even more interesting.  Or it could be the lined school paper he likes to incorporate into his work,  giving it that doodling , not paying attention in class kind of look.

via LOUDreams

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