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The centre of attention

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April 7th, 2009

luke byrne 04 The centre of attention

What to say about the vast space created by Luke Byrne’s photography?  Ever more confounding is how he’s done it through relatively enclosed, concentrated frames.  He draws focus away from the ocean and into the girl; a message in red ribbon pulses on the floor of a crowded room; from the darkness he forces concessions for the upstart patch of spotlight.

And through this effect, one experiences a visual inhalation.  The great surrounding vastness drains towards Byrne’s subjects, and all the air in the world resides solely in their lungs.  They become the sole priority against a de-prioritized setting, so that, upon exhalation, whatever action that was mundane expands outward momentously.  Every drop of water reaches in to touch the drowning man, and becomes claustrophobic. The tree lifts the climber up and becomes his flowing coattails.

To see more of the Australian photographer’s deceptive and bewildering work, check out his site.

Via Boooooom.