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The BMW Museum is Heaven for Cars

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March 16th, 2009

med 07 bmwmuseum The BMW Museum is Heaven for Cars

The interior of the new BMW Museum in Munich looks like a cross between the Apple Store and the Reichstag. It’s pretty breathtaking. I don’t really get turned on by car design – your dream car has a 2.7 L engine and 237 Horsepower? Great. My dream car can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs. We’re both equally close to our goals.

Having said that, I love this museum. It seems like the kind of place where aliens would study our culture. Karl Schwanzer got it right. This is the way I’d hoped the stupid ROM Crystal would turn out.

Finally, have a look at this crazy kinetic sculpture from the museum. It’s made of metal balls on strings programmed to form shapes:

0 The BMW Museum is Heaven for Cars