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The Black Heart Gang

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February 2nd, 2009
0 The Black Heart Gang

Life is supreme and at a constant state of bliss when art like this is produced.  When people happen to be evolving at the same time and place and happen to meet, a stream of collective energy forms. This video, titled “The Tale of How”, is a 1/3 story of a whole called “The dodo trilogy”.  Created by three people, Jannes Hendrix, Ree Treweek, and Markus Smit, they are “The Black Heart Gang” and they each share these common desires:  They want to create something honest and touch people’s hearts, they want visual overload by packing every nano second full of detail, and they want to create something beautiful.  If only we could all embody those same desires, whether we’re creating art or not.  The other two parts video projects, “The Tale of Then” and “The Tale of When” are still in production.  Take a look at the first video they made which inspired “The Tale of How”.  In fact, take a look at all of their work, and be inspired even more.

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  • Shu Kuokkanen

    Well, this was kind of boring but whatever.

  • Craig Jeffries

    Merry Christmas!


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