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Tear it Up.

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March 17th, 2009

gregory euclide 02 428x400 Tear it Up. Artist Gregory Euclide is turning modern art upside down. And inside out. And a little to the left. The Minnesota based artist was influenced by growing up in Wisconsin surrounded by natural landscape which you can clearly see in his work (in a more abstract sense). He clearly has a signature style, though the concept is certainly something we’ve been seeing a lot of lately- this whole create something then turn into something totally different by destroying it thing. If every art needs an -ism, I would describe this movement as destructionism. Looking at the state of the country (and the world) one can’t help but deduce why.  I appreciate that about this kind of work. That, along with the visual challenge and subsequent manipulation it presents. One does have to be careful of repetition, though.

  • Mendezine

    Sprouts beautifully and destroys itself. I love it.