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Tamika Thomas is JouJou Art

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August 30th, 2009

dimintia3 600x450 533x400 Tamika Thomas is JouJou Art

Really cool work by an illustrator/designer Tamika Thomas. Her site JouJou Art ( which means the best in Japanese ) is simple, yet finds a very elegant way to display her work. Speaking of her work, it’s pretty cool as well! “Tamika is a self-taught artist for the most part, beginning her journey in the creative realm as a child and developing her craft further as an adult. Sure several institutions provided some training to hone the skills, but it’s hard to teach something like this in a classroom!” See more of her work after the continuation…

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    My husband just told me about your site. He saved it on the computer so I could look at it and I must say you’ve got some awesome stuff here. Sorry I don’t have much more to contribute, but I just wanted to offer up some encouragement.

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    I have seen a lot of blogs but i really like the layout of yours. Keep up the good work my friend. :)