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Yeslam bin Ladin’s Pilot’s Watch

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January 24th, 2009

yeslam bin ladin aviator Yeslam bin Ladins Pilots Watch

If you are curious why Yeslim’s last name sounds so similar to the most wanted man in the world, well that’s because they are half brothers.  Please refrain from assuming that Yeslim follows the same ideology as his half brother Osama, infact Yeslim was one of the first of Osama’s siblings to publicly condemn terrorist ideology.  Yeslim is a Saudi businessman and is involved in multiple ventures from perfume business to watches… Inspired by his father’s air plane crash death, Yeslim has created this new Aviator watch line.  It is not an ordinary watch, it is a pilot’s watch which in emergency should be able to the tell the speed of the airplane.  Costs in a range of  $9,472 – $24,430 all depending on the metals used for the mechanism of the watch.