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Y.A.S want to change your opinion on Arab culture

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June 11th, 2009

fff Y.A.S want to change your opinion on Arab cultureY.A.S is Libanese singer Yasmine Hamdan and world reknowned producer Mirwais Ahmadzai who wrote and produced “Music” and many other hit songs for Madonna. Together they are releasing their debut album Arabology on June 8, 2009. In a recent interview Mirwais said “The idea is that today, in Western culture, we hear about Arabs everyday – in a bad way, because of terrorism, etc – but we lack of cultural representations coming from those countries that could mix with the western culture, whereas this youth is eager to. I don’t want to do world music, but a good western production with a real Arab identity”.  Check out their new video after the continuation, it was shot in Ciaro, Egypt and has some interesting shots exposing a culture we rarely see in music pop music videos. [ Continue Reading ]