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Martin & Munoz’s life force is tangible

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April 28th, 2009

martinandmunoz 1 585x399 Martin & Munozs life force is tangible

New York duo Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz have a bewildering knack for manifesting what I’ll delicately call “life force.”  They are equally adept at realistic sculpture as they are in creating fairy tale microcosms (they’re particularly well known for their mind-blowing snowglobes).  In both cases they achieve maximum effect through the allowance of space to the terrible and the fantastic, and in any event their work is wondrous to behold. [ Continue Reading ]

Blast from the Past

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April 8th, 2009

3283246572 4d3f2d8039 Blast from the Past “Looking Into the Past” has to be one of the coolest groups on Flickr out there. The concept? [ Continue Reading ]