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Eric Testroete and his Giant Head

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November 12th, 2009

Big Head 266x400 Eric Testroete and his Giant HeadA good Halloween costume should be many things: Unique, creative, personal and, what the hell, we’ll give extra points for scary. Canadian 3d artist Eric Testroete hit every criteria when he decided he’d go out as a big-headed version of himself. Anyone who played Nintendo 64 can tell Testorete was inspired by “big head mode” (which, without fail, makes me want to play Goldeneye), but the day I get passed on the street by some dead-eyed pixelated cranial monstrosity? Those, my friends, are the End Times. [ Continue Reading ]

Take an 8-bit trip.

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September 23rd, 2009

8 10 Take an 8 bit trip.

Swedish electronic music duo Rymdreglage bring us 8-bit trip, a particularly geeky pairing of chocolate and peanut butter: mid-80′s video games and Legos. The music is either pure joy or intensely annoying, probably depending on how much time you spent trying to get Mario to the next level as a kid—or how much sugar you have in your system right now. [ Continue Reading ]