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Art…or Something like it

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January 20th, 2010

Archan Nair 409x400 Art...or Something like itStarring out into the vastness of the big ol’ blue sky. Your head on the grass. Some ants scouting your arm but you don’t care. Maybe you got some booze in you. Maybe pollen gets you high enough. You’re just there, laying on the ground. Counting those puffy things in the sky and watching them slowly change into something you recognize. This must be some kind of wonderful you say to yourself. Then. Suddenly. What strikes your daydreaming eye but a rainbow. Big and demanding in its presence. Just hanging there like some granny bra on a clothes line, gawking at you, almost mocking you. In all it’s colours and in all its radiance. It’s calling to you. Commanding you to gaze at it and shower it with praise and compliments of how beautiful it is. Truly a symbol of something tranquil, crafted only by something divine. You smile at it. Sure. Thinking what would happen if you tossed it into a rusty blender. [ Continue Reading ]