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The Colouring

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November 22nd, 2009

Picture 36 The Colouring

The Colouring is a minute long animation that is creepy and awesome at the same time, which is what I love. It is the creation of Dan Britt and Joseph Pelling. Each frame of the animation is coloured in pencil by hand and the audio is taken from The Shining. Watching it I can’t help but wonder the patience and time that went into this. You must watch it with sound. Check out the video after the break… [ Continue Reading ]

Art in Horror Films is Harder to Find

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August 20th, 2009

19114594 Art in Horror Films is Harder to Find

With the newest installment of The Final Destination coming out (in 3D no less) I was pondering where the art in horror film making has gone to. I had to search and remind myself of the films that have made this genre what it is. Crap be damned, there are good, artful horror flicks out there, you just have to wade through the rest to find them.

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