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Introducing…the New Tesla

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April 20th, 2009

medium 3387138411 8276f97eaa o 585x390 Introducing...the New Tesla

The end of one thing creates the beginning of something else. And with GM now on life support, courtesy of us taxpayers, Tesla Motors now appears to be the living embodiment of that concept.

While the Hummer is dying, the electric car is making a comeback. [ Continue Reading ]

The Groundbreaking Work of Trapcode

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March 30th, 2009

Before Trapcode:
trapcode6 The Groundbreaking Work of Trapcode

After Trapcode:

trapcode7 The Groundbreaking Work of TrapcodeTrapcode is the brainchild of  Peder Norrby of Sweden. His privately-held company has released two apps for the iPhone, AirPaint and Tesla. The many plug-ins available from Trapcode have been used to create an astonishing array of  CG effects, including the ones above. [ Continue Reading ]