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Woodkid – Iron

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February 1st, 2012

IRN 585x329 Woodkid    Iron

Woodkid is a stage name for Yoann Lemoine, who is a French music video director, film director, and musician. He is mostly known for his work as a music video director working with big names such as Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Although he is well known for his work in music videos and films, his most recent endeavor is music. [ Continue Reading ]

Kanye disturbs MVA’s. My outrage is somehow less than overwhelming.

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September 16th, 2009

US VMA KANYE 20090913EV Kanye disturbs MVAs. My outrage is somehow less than overwhelming.So, by now you’ve all heard that Kanye West made an ass out of himself on (inter)national television. A public figure acting like a douche? I do believe I have the vapours.

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