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August Bradley- Photographer of Fashion, Beauty, Desire, and…Stories

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February 21st, 2010

augustbradley7jpg 534x400 August Bradley  Photographer of Fashion, Beauty, Desire, and...Stories What a brilliant photographer,  mad kudos for his imagination.  August Bradley creates a finished product that is more than just a photograph.  He likes to smudge the lines between photography and art, hoping [ Continue Reading ]

Carl Kleiner-Photographicus Stellarus

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August 16th, 2009

odeur aw09 04 585x390 Carl Kleiner Photographicus Stellarus

Carl Kleiner is a camera’s wet dream.  His photography depicts brilliant images of humor, awkwardness, fashion, and gloom.  Clouds and origami combine to make awesome surreal and real photos.  Carl Kleiner sees great things in simplicity. See more after continuation… [ Continue Reading ]

The inscrutable world of Madame Peripetie

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August 12th, 2009

madame peripetie conceptual photography 11 600x330 585x321 The inscrutable world of Madame Peripetie

German photographer Madame Peripetie is hard to pin down. Her work straddles the fashion and high art fields, and it’s hard to tell if she is trying to expand the boundaries of fashion or satirize it by putting models in outfits that are patently absurd. Or maybe that is just my own cynical take on her art because I’m not a big fan of the fashion world in general. [ Continue Reading ]

Dmitriy Maximov: A Surreal Sunrise

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June 28th, 2009

cac8ec0b9b72 kefirux 585x389 Dmitriy Maximov: A Surreal Sunrise

Dmitry Maximov is a Russian-born artist that seems to exist in a world of his own.  His works are at once as human — and humane — as anyone peeking in from the outside and altogether surreal, making up a land that is not so much a caricature of ours, but, perhaps, its shadow, a whisper of a possibility of what we could have been.  And, thankfully, are not.  More humane, perhaps, more painfully lonely, more different from one another in a way, we, who have our race around us, our country, our city, our family, even our culture, should ever fear to be. [ Continue Reading ]

JAN SMAGA-Redefining Disturbia

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March 20th, 2009

jansmaga 2 493x400 JAN SMAGA Redefining Disturbia

Jan Smaga, artist living and working in Warsaw, does some pretty unusual photography.  The image of the man covered in women is my favorite, I think it says something cool.  Definitely dark and somewhat twisted work.  Read a little more about the latest from this artist here.

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