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Jeremy Geddes

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February 25th, 2009

jeremy geddes3 397x400 Jeremy Geddes

Holy bat guano! I thought these were photographs but they’re paintings! Jeremy Geddes does these creepy life-like paintings.  He’s also a comic artist, his most notable book is DOOMED.  He won several awards for his work, not shocking at all, they’re amazing!

Oliver Vernon

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February 4th, 2009

oliver vernon 04 Oliver Vernon

Oliver Vernon’s paintings are eye-gasmic. I want to highlight his technique.  It’s called Gouache, pronounced ‘gwash’, and it’s a really stellar.  It’s similar to watercolors, however, there is usually less water to paint ratio when mixing in the water with the colors which allows for larger paint particles in the mixture.  There is usually white chalk present in Gouache works as well.  The thing that is really cool about using this technique is that the darker colors usually dry lighter, and the lighter colors will dry darker.  Frustrating if you can’t harness this factor, but Oliver Vernon clearly has, and uses it in a fantastic illusionary way. As you can see in most of his work, he incorporates sharp patterns of very dark and very light colors side by side.  It’s challenging and he does it so well.