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Iron Man: Its What’s For Dinner

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March 16th, 2010

iron man pics 51 Iron Man: Its Whats For DinnerI was never a really big Iron Man fan. I grew with the web-slinger. The Bat. And of course, Wolverine. But sadly. I grew all out of that. It’s too bad. Because those were some fun things to get caught up in. That’s why it makes me really happy to see guys like this mystery man to grow a pair of balls and actually design a superhero suit. Not only designing it though, but actually walking around in public wearing it. That. Takes balls. More than you have. And way more than I have. Face it. We’re all pussies. I don’t know this guys name. I don’t think it matters. But what you have to recognize is that seeing stuff like this should inspire. [ Continue Reading ]