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The Groundbreaking Work of Trapcode

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March 30th, 2009

Before Trapcode:
trapcode6 The Groundbreaking Work of Trapcode

After Trapcode:

trapcode7 The Groundbreaking Work of TrapcodeTrapcode is the brainchild of  Peder Norrby of Sweden. His privately-held company has released two apps for the iPhone, AirPaint and Tesla. The many plug-ins available from Trapcode have been used to create an astonishing array of  CG effects, including the ones above. [ Continue Reading ]

The more-than-two-dimensional girl

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March 26th, 2009

stina persson 01 282x400 The more than two dimensional girl

It would suffice for the illustrations of Stina Persson to seize my attention with the same cool, bar-coded glove any i-Ad or 15-second Coke spot would (after all, the colossal cola company is one in a long list of her notable clients).  The female figures found in her sketches, stencils, and paintings (often all on the same canvas) exude the prototypical mixture of alluring despair and exuberance fatale that would quench any sucker with a superficial thirst for the Classic type.

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Do the employees dress like stewardesses?

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March 9th, 2009

jumbohostel4 Do the employees dress like stewardesses? The latest in hotel design? Visitors to Stockholm, Sweden now have the option of staying at the new “Jumbo Hostel”- a 747 jet retired from travel that has been turned into an affordable, fully-furnished, 25-room hotel. Many of the original parts of the plane remain such as the oxygen masks, the first class lounge bar, and the rotor blades which will be used as venetian blinds. [ Continue Reading ]